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Bring one of our free yoga
programs to your community

If you or your organization can provide the physical space with a group of people in mind that could benefit from a free yoga program on site, connect with us today. 
What we are committed to supporting your community.

The process you can expect involves:

An assessment of the needs of your group, the suitability of a partnership, and the realistic timeline and logistical set-up of a yoga program
A clear outline of our requirements for placement and volunteer sites (liability, safety policies, resources provided and needed, etc.)
If a qualified teacher is available within your requested timeline, the process can happen quite quickly. Otherwise, you would be added to our list of placement and volunteer sites and connected with a teacher as soon as one who is qualified and suitable for the needs of your group becomes available.
Since we value on-going partnerships, we invite organizations where the yoga programs have been successful to enter into a formal agreement with us as a placement site for the teachers in our 40 hour teacher training.

Bring one of our Rhythms Rediscovered
trainings to your community

As a national not-for-profit organization, we are committed to supporting anyone who shares our vision and mission and who wishes to learn how to create opportunities and share accessible tools within their community. 

If you are a member of a yoga studio, health and wellness organization, professional development network, school, or any entity that serves high-risk, under-privileged, or low-income groups, connect today for a consultation and assessment of how we can support you. We would be thrilled for opportunities to step outside of our home community to build partnerships on a broader level. 
Our training programs are one of our sources of income which allow us to continue to offer yoga programming that is free of charge to participants who otherwise would not have access. Nonetheless, we are committed to making our training programs accessible and within reasonable costs to individual professionals and not-for-profit organizations.  For this to be possible, we also rely on value-in-kind donations such as the physical spaces where we run our trainings and financial donations to support sliding scale tuition costs and scholarships for participants and organizations requiring financial assistance.


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